Secondary School

Secondary Academics & Offerings

Secondary education at Summit Christian Academy includes intermediate (6th-8th grade) and high school (9th – 12th grade) levels of study. Standard and advanced academic tracks are available at each level as are many additional enrichment opportunities, including:

Summit offers small class sizes and exceptional access to teachers. Students and teachers get to know one another and build rapport. Such relationships serve to inspire students, impact their success, and develop personal gifts and talents.  

Ultimately, it is Summit’s goal to cultivate graduates who are academically prepared to be lifelong learners, having acquired college-readiness and critical thinking skills that benefit them into college and beyond. In addition, Summit aims to send out graduates who possess a Christian worldview and have a servant’s heart that desires to impact their world for Christ.

6th - 8th Grade Intermediate School

Intermediate level curriculum is designed to engage students for their advancement into academics with a higher level of rigor. In addition, students are given more responsibility and organizational autonomy in order to grow young men and women who take ownership over their academics and school experience.

9th - 12th Grade High School

High school students have a range of on-level, dual credit and AP classes from which to choose as well as the opportunity to graduate with a distinguished diploma. Choices abound so students can determine what they want both their transcripts and high school experience to look like. Summit aims to send out students who are academically equipped for life after high school and strong in character, knowing who they are in the Lord while also kind and respectful to all of God’s people.


Intermediate Courses

  • 6th Grade Bible - An Examination of the Early Church and Life of Paul
  • 7th Grade Bible - What Distinguishes Christianity from Other Religions
  • 8th Grade Bible - Cultural Engagement and Life Application of the Christian Worldview
  • 6th Grade English
  • 7th Grade English
  • 8th Grade English
  • Math 6
  • Math 6 Honors
  • Math 7
  • Pre-Algebra (Standard and Honors)
  • Algebra 1 Honors
  • 6th Grade Physical Science
  • 7th Grade Life Science
  • 8th Grade Earth Science
  • Integrated Physics and Chemistry
  • History for 6th Grade
  • Texas History
  • US History
Physical education courses are required for students in grade 6, 7 and 8. Participation on sports teams is also available to intermediate students. Teams include:
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Track
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Art 6
  • Art 7
  • Art 8
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Theater
  • Spanish - 6th Grade
  • Spanish - 7th Grade
  • Spanish - 8th Grade
  • Computer Science Discoveries 1
  • Computer Science Discoveries 2
  • Patterns of Design

High School Courses

  • Systematic Theology 1
  • Systematic Theology 2
  • Understanding the Faith - Apologetics
  • Understanding the Times - Worldview
  • English 1
  • PreAP English 1
  • English 2
  • PreAP English 2
  • Language & Composition (British Literature)
  • AP/DC Language & Composition
  • Literature & Composition
  • AP/DC Literature & Composition
  • Research Writing
  • AP/DC Research Writing
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Geometry Honors
  • Algebra 2
  • Algebra 2 Honors
  • Precalculus Honors/Pre-Ap
  • AP Calculus AB
  • Statistics
  • Financial Math
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Advanced Chemistry
  • AP Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • World Geography
  • World History
  • AP World History
  • US History
  • AP/Dual Credit US History
  • Government
  • Economics
  • AP Human Geography
Students take the ACT/SAT Prep Course their junior year. Test preparations, college applications, resumes, college essays, and navigating the college application process are covered in the class. A trip to tour colleges is incorporated when possible.
  • Art 1
  • Art 2
  • Advanced Art
  • AP Art
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Theater
  • Spanish 1
  • Spanish 2
  • Spanish 3
  • Spanish 4
High school students are required to take one year of physical education. Athletics is offered during the last period of the day for students who participate in sport teams. This period is used for strength, condition, and training and is incorporated into practice times when sports are in season.
Speech is a required one semester course. This skills-based course helps students become better public speakers through theory and, most importantly, practice.
  • Engineering Principles
  • Engineering Design
  • Principles of Design