Portrait of a Graduate

The Summit Christian Academy Graduate

EQUIPPED with knowledge and critical thinking skills to be future innovative leaders. ENRICHED by a culture of excellence throughout educational and extracurricular experiences. EMPOWERED by teachers cultivating a biblical worldview to foster Christian development.

What Makes SCA Graduates Exceptional

Summit students are challenged academically, cultivate a heart for people in need and participate in many character building activities. As a result, SCA graduates have valuable accomplishments and experiences that grow and prepare them for university, vocation and life.

SCA seniors travel internationally to serve in the mission field.

SCA graduates enter college with 3-39 college credits earned during high school.

SCA students log a minimum of 100 service hours during high school.

SCA high school students learn Bible from a seminary graduate over four years.


SCA graduates are inclined to the arts, with most taking more than one year of studio art, theater, band or choir.

All SCA secondary students have the opportunity to play a sport, and many are multi-sport athletes.