Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Summit’s fine arts programs increase course choices and allow students to study subjects in greater depth. Arts available to students include Yearbook, Band, Art, Choir, Stage Craft, and Theater. Summit believes that art is vital to cultural expression and teaches students to utilize their God-given talents in many arenas without diminishing their biblical worldview. SCA’s fine arts department encourages creativity, individual growth, and meaningful expression. Students have the opportunity to put their ideas into form while becoming visually literate, historically grounded, and familiar with the diversity of arts and cultures worldwide.

The Summit Christian Academy Theater program is a flourishing and integral part of the Academy’s fine arts department.  It has continued to grow each year in both numbers and in respect among the community for its dedication to excellence and high level of performance. Students may enroll in theater arts classes beginning in sixth grade.  Intermediate school level classes are designed to teach the  students basic acting skills through various forms of learning.  These basic techniques include learning to use one’s imagination, developing vocal skills, stage and theater terminology, improvisation, scene work, and many others.

At the high school level, students have the oportunity to take what was learned in the intermediate school classes and build on the skills through advanced workshops on auditioning as well as character building and refining.  In the fall, students will participate in the TAPPS One Act Play competition against other students and schools across the state.  In the spring, students will have the opportunity to compete in the TAPPS Solo and Duet Scene competitions.  Finally, we have a spring production every year which allows our students a chance to put on a big show for the community.  Our productions include musicals, melodramas, modern, and classic plays in an effort to give students a wide array of technical training.  Our goal for each of these opportunities is so that each student will be ready and confident if they choose to continue on and do theater arts beyond high school.

We are proud at Summit to be able to offer multiple opportunities for our students to experience and grow their artistic gifts and enjoy the creative nature of God.

The Summit Christian Academy art department strives to create an environment of creativity for our students. The art teachers work diligently to ensure that our students receive a well-rounded art education, including the elements and principles of art, coupling art history with creating art in a wide variety of media such as printmaking, sculpture, painting, mixed-media, and drawing. Students also learn how they can use their artistic skills as an act of worship to glorify God. Students have the opportunity to compete at the ACSI District Competition, and many have received high-level awards, including state-level competition at the ACSI Regional Art Festival.

Students learn the techniques of playing band instruments, working to develop tonal quality and technical facility. Students discuss and constructively comment on their own performances and on the performances of the band. Emphasis is placed on proper breathing, tone control, reading skills, development of the embouchure, intonation, articulation, and development of range. Students develop individual and group performance skills, using various styles of band literature. Instrumental music remains an important component of a Summit education. Students are challenged and afforded the opportunity to grow into skilled, lifelong, servant musicians by performing, leading, and serving in a variety of settings.

The Summit Christian Academy Elementary, Intermediate and High School Choirs are growing and exciting parts of the fine arts department. They are designed to give students the opportunity to gain technical music knowledge, while working towards developing their vocal skills. This is accomplished through learning to sing in multiple voice ranges, understanding and getting to know their voice through breath training and warm-ups, developing the ability to stylize their voice for various music genres, and understanding how to interpret and deliver a song’s message.

The Journey, Summit’s award-winning yearbook, has worked to establish a tradition of excellence. The staff’s goal is to define and record the year in a poignant and provoking historical record that creates lasting memories of and for the people who breathe life into our school.

Members of the staff are entrusted to plan the yearbook from cover to cover. Under student leadership, we decide content, interview, photograph, write, design, and represent Summit Christian Academy, a role we take very seriously. Staff members learn principles of journalism, photography, and design and apply these principles by using personal and school-provided digital cameras and industry-standard Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

This fine art elective provides students with real-world experience and practical skills and tools that they can carry into their everyday life beyond Summit. Yearbook students are given the skills necessary to work on a college-level yearbook staff, a position that can lead to scholarships. Furthermore, students who take yearbook are uniquely equipped to succeed in competitive, deadline-oriented workplaces.