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Ginger Lambert

Ginger Lambert has been the Impact Education Director at Summit since 2003.  She has grown our program from inception to what it is today.  Our program starts in PreK with students learning to pray for unreached people groups and extends all the way to our senior trip.  Our seniors will have the opportunity to go on a 10-day trip overseas where they not only explore the land, but serve.  

The vision of Impact Education is to train a generation of students that that will be prepared to lead, impact, and transform the world out of their relationship with and love for Jesus Christ.

Mrs. G, as she prefers to be called, has a blog where she shares about each of the trips she takes our secondary students.  You can find her blog here.


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“Impact Education instilled in me a passion for helping others, and inspired me to find a career where I serve others.”

Katie Campbell, SCA Class of 2009

Our Goal

The goal of Impact is to change the way our students look at the world around them and see the different facets of God’s heart for the world and how they can be a part of making his name known.  To accomplish this goal, on a weekly basis we are teaching a global perspectives class to our Pre-K to our 6th grade classes. We then take a different approach with our secondary students – training and empowering them within their Bible class to ‘take it to the streets’.

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