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What is Impact?

Impact Education challenges and equips students to become servant leaders who will impact their world for Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through:

  • Giving students across all grade levels the tools and opportunities to know and mature in Christ through service
  • Partnership between the Impact program, Bible classes, and weekly chapel services to equip and prepare students to be the hands and feet of Jesus
  • Discipleship both inside and outside of the traditional classroom

Elementary Impact

Elementary students are taught about the character of God with an emphasis on His love for all people, God’s global mission, and our role in serving and praying for a world with needs. Games, projects, and creative learning exercises are used to explore these concepts and create cultural awareness. 

Secondary Impact

Secondary students participate in on-campus and off-campus community service, working alongside teachers, staff, and community members. Highly qualified experts in business, industry, and ministry mentor students through both a seminar series and local short-term missions trips. Students also serve internationally and have traveled to destinations such as France, Iceland, Ireland, People’s Republic of China, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

Impact Objectives

Through IMPACT, SCA students are equipped to:

  • Love their neighbors
  • Develop agency, compassion, and leadership skills
  • Discern their world through a deeper understanding of the Bible
  • Understand prayer and service as powerful tools of Christianity
  • Look outward to build communities within their classrooms, grade levels, school, and groups that share vocational and service interests
  • Discover and develop the skills and gifts God has entrusted to them


Senior Seminars

Senior Seminars prepare 12th grade students for life beyond Summit utilizing Christian speakers from a variety of professional sectors to give insight into collegiate and vocational pursuits, strengthen and encourage Christian character ahead of more worldly pursuits, and offer insight and wisdom for living for Christ in today’s culture. 

Impact Trips

Students have the opportunity to venture off campus to serve as secondary students. Going to those with needs models the ministry of Jesus and expands student understanding of needs. Middle school students serve locally or regionally while high schoolers may travel out of state and internationally. Off-campus service has included:

  • Packing and distributing food in conjunction with a local ministry
  • Collection and distribution of personal care items to local senior citizens
  • Work projects supporting non-profits in Central Texas
  • Disaster relief clean-up in South Texas
  • Building projects, food distribution and Bible programs in neighboring states
  • Praying for our nation and other countries and being educated on national and global needs while visiting Washington D.C.
  • Sharing the Gospel and supporting ministries in other countries


Ginger’s Impact Trip Journal

Ginger Lambert has been the Impact Education Director at Summit since 2003. Mrs. G, as she prefers to be called, has a blog where she shares about each of the trips on which she takes our secondary students. You can find her journal here.

“Impact Education instilled in me a passion for helping others, and inspired me to find a career where I serve others.”

Katie Campbell, SCA Class of 2009