About Summit Christian Academy Pre-K

Summit Christian Academy’s pre-kindergarten program is designed to prepare students for lifelong learning by building a strong academic base, while fostering spiritual and social growth in a loving environment. God’s Word, the foundation for our curriculum, is taught as a subject and is integrated into all other areas and activities.

Pre-kindergarten students grow tremendously during these years as God’s gifts of language, thought, and imagination are developed through listening, speaking, writing, and phonics. The academic program also includes the teaching of math skills, science concepts, and social studies skills. The focus of Bible instruction is to build a strong foundation for God as the Creator.

Development of gross motor skills is vital during this time of growth; therefore the pre-kindergarten classrooms provide the opportunity for movement and activity. Students use manipulatives in the classroom to develop concrete learning experiences. The daily schedule includes a mixture of group work, center time, seat work, story time, snack time, recess, and rest time. These students participate in all elementary specials including art, music, library, computer, physical education, and Impact Education.

A highlight of each week is chapel, where pre-kindergarten students join the rest of the elementary classes for a time of praise and worship.

The Early Education division is license exempt and self-monitors all programming as a way of maintaining a high level of  excellence ensuring a quality educational program.