Why Choose Summit Christian Academy?

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Summit Christian Academy strategically builds its curriculum to prepare each student to take on the complex challenges they will face in our constantly evolving world. Summit’s calling is to create a learning environment which expresses the interests of our families and students. Together, we leverage our expertise in technology, fine arts, athletics, science, engineering, business, and ministry. The result is a Christian school that looks and feels like our vibrant Central Texas community because of an exceptional faculty-parent team.

Summit Highlights

  • PreK3-12th Grade Academics Taught From A Biblical Worldview
  • Bible Taught As A Core Subject PreK3-12th Grade
  • AP & Dual Credit Courses Through Colorado Christian University, LeTourneau University, and Austin Community College
  • Computer Science Taught by One of Austin’s Leading Technologists
  • Innovation Center Developing Creativity and Tech Literacy
  • Impact Education To Promote Spiritual Growth and Service
  • Fine Arts Including Art, Pre-Ap Art, AP Art, Theater, Choir and Band
  • Beautiful 13-Acre Campus Situated Amongst Oak Trees
  • Championship Athletics Program That Has Produced Collegiate Athletes

Programs of Excellence

Elementary Education

A robust curriculum is offered to build the foundations of math, language arts, science and history. In addition, weekly specials in art, Impact education, library, music performance and theory, technology and physical education are attended.

Students begin to develop their unique, God-given gifts which they can exercise through classwork as well as participation in art, math, speech, spelling and creative writing competitions offered by the Association of Christian Schools International.

Secondary Education

Students may begin the honors academic track in middles school, providing an opportunity to earn graduation credits prior to the start of high school. High school students may earn college credit through 16 Advanced Placement and Dual Credit classes.

Throughout the education experience, Summit endeavors to strengthen students’ academics and faith for success in college and in life. The latter is accomplished through formal Bible education, student-teacher interactions, and hands-on Impact activities.

Technology & Innovation

Summit seeks to develop in students an innovation mindset whereby they use creativity, collaboration and critical thinking to problem solve. In addition, state-of-the-art tools are used to explore concepts across curriculums and grades and within art, computer science and engineering courses taught by highly trained faculty.

Impact Education

Impact Education challenges and equips students to become servant leaders who will impact their world for Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through Bible-based curriculum, chapel services, special events and hands-on service projects both on and off campus.

Fine Arts

The fine arts program includes theater, art, and music offered to elementary and secondary students and featuring an art festival, fall play, spring musical, and choir and band performances.


More than 20 athletic programs are offered beginning in elementary and going through high school for both boys and girls. Sports include cross country, football, cheer, volleyball, basketball, soccer, track and field, tennis, and golf.