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Admissions Process

We offer programs for PreK 3 to 12th grade.

Our Admissions process is simple:
1. To schedule a tour, please click here. We will get back to you within 1 business day.
2. Submit your application for enrollment, which requires a $150 non-refundable application fee. Upon submission, our Admissions Department will:
– Set up student testing and parent/guardian meeting with our Business Manager regarding tuition and fees.
– Gather current and prior report cards.
– Receive recommendations (which are submitted digitally through the application process).
– Receive other records from the previous school.
4. Once your information is gathered, an administrator will inform you of your acceptance.
5. Upon acceptance, our Admissions Department will send you the final enrollment packet, which includes a birth certificate, immunization records, student medical history, and our financial agreement.

*Students entering our PK3-Kindergarten programs must be restroom independent.
**Students entering these programs, must be 3 as of September 1 for our PK3 program. Students must be 4 for our PK4 program as of September 1.

*Submitting the application does not guarantee admission to our school. Each applicant’s file is reviewed and evaluated with our admissions team before an offer is extended for enrollment.

Take a virtual tour of our campus.