Academic Excellence

At Summit, we pursue excellence thru Academic Achievement, Artistic Beauty and Athletic Distinction. Our goal is to teach each student to do everything to the highest standard as they grow in their Christian faith and prepare for entry into leading universities. As you read our approach to excellence, remember that a key objective is to create a learning environment that helps each student discover their unique gifts and interests as they begin a lifelong journey in pursuit of their God given passions. Together, we seek our common interest of producing graduates ready to Impact the world and shape the conscience of our society through their powerful spheres of influence.

In order to achieve Academic Excellence, SCA is building a culture that excites students about learning. At the Elementary level, our environment will allow students to explore the rapidly changing world around them as critical thinkers and innovators. We will provide teachers with the resources they need to unlock each of their student’s full potential and continue to support them as they achieve Academic Excellence. We will focus on students as individuals by involving them in analyzing their own learning achievement and setting personal goals. As we continue to strive toward Academic Excellence, we will maintain a Christ-centered environment to allow Summit to stand apart from others in the area as an innovative, energetic, and high-achieving community. 

At SCA, our students will be challenged to think critically, differently, and make meaningful and advanced connections in their understanding through our intentional focus on Academic Excellence. At the Secondary level, this will be accomplished through individualized attention and support provided through the analysis of standardized assessment scores, student-focused academic meetings, and increased opportunities for scholastic achievement, based on personalized skills. Ultimately, students will be challenged and encouraged in individualized areas of talent with the goal of increased participation and interest in enrichment programs, extracurricular activities, and leadership opportunities. In regards to academic preparation, the Secondary students will be challenged beyond the recall of basic information with the objective of reaching a high level of knowledge application, furthering their ability to enroll in Honors, Pre-AP, AP, and DC courses. Overall, through the elevated effectiveness of curriculum, a focus on specific lesson content in the classroom, and student accountability in the areas of attendance, organization, and academic responsibility, our students will further their qualifications and gain a competitive advantage in the area of college acceptance, furthering our mission of Academic Excellence at SCA. We will continue sharing details about our programs at SCA and how you can get involved to support your student. Finally, a simple but great way to play a greater role in your students’ success is to begin asking them these three questions; “What are you learning? Why are you learning that? How do you know you’ve learned it?”

Pre Kindergarten

Counting objects, inside and outside, letter names, rhyming words, and more.


Fostering spiritual and social growth in a loving environment. 


Creating students that are academically prepared as lifelong learners.