Academic Excellence

It is Summit’s goal to equip each student to achieve academic success, preparing them for further study at the next grade level and, ultimately, the university level. Summit seeks to develop students who pursue truth and desire knowledge.

Summit achieves academic excellence through:

  • Curriculum that provides well-rounded instruction and is adaptable to individual needs
  • MAPS Growth Testing at the elementary level to ensure academic progress and learning is tailored to student needs and strengths
  • Accreditation through the Association of Christian School International
  • Advanced, AP and dual credit courses for high achievement
  • Provision of tools and resources for hands-on and project-based learning
  • A traditional, Christ-honoring environment which provides a less distracting educational landscape for students
  • Learning Center services to coordinate accommodations, provide additional instruction, and develop executive functioning skills among other supportive offerings
  • A culture that excites students about learning
  • Cultivation of critical thinkers and innovators

Pre Kindergarten

Counting objects, inside and outside, letter names, rhyming words, and more.


Fostering spiritual and social growth in a loving environment. 


Creating students that are academically prepared as lifelong learners.