Elementary School

Elementary Academics

Summit elementary students learn from curriculum that provides knowledge and develops skills for mastery at each grade level. Highly qualified teachers work to provide individualized instruction, educational progression, social development and spiritual growth in a loving environment.

Spiritual, academic and emotional goal setting by students

Summit believes every child learns differently and, therefore, provides learning opportunities that embrace  various learning styles. MAPS testing throughout the year identifies student strengths as well as areas needing improvement enabling teachers to tailor instruction for growth at all levels. 

Elementary students engage in five core subjects in the classroom as well as six weekly specials outside the classroom, providing for both depth and breadth of study.

Tools To Support Learning

Classrooms are equipped with tools that enhance instruction and provide experiential learning. These include:

  • Vibe Smart Whiteboards
  • iPads
  • Apple Pencils
  • Math Manipulatives
  • Extensive Library Embracing Books Reflective of Our Diverse Student Body
  • Resources to Encourage Hands-On Learning
  • Science Lab Materials
  • And More!

SOAR Center To Support Learning

The SOAR Center supports students needing special services for 504 and IEP’s and provides additional instruction to students needing to grow math and reading skills. Learn more, by visiting our SOAR Center webpage.

Core Curriculum

McGraw Hill ELA curriculum is used for literacy instruction and to develop skilled readers, writers and thinkers.
Students learn math through use of the BJU Press Math curriculum which provides multiple paths to learning comprehension based on students learning style. Curriculum teaches necessary math skills and relates them to their importance outside of the classroom.
The BJU Press Science curriculum emphasis truth, teaches careful analysis of theories and points to the hand of God in creation and its laws. Learning is interactive and hands-on.
Geography, history, civics, and economics of local to global communities are studied throughout elementary. Specific units include: U.S. history, ancient cultures, Texas history, mapping, earth’s features, outer space and more.
Bible is part of Summit’s core curriculum so students establish a foundational understanding of God’s Word, His love for creation and people, and his purposes for his people and the world.


Elementary students learn theoretical and aural skills and make music to cultivate well-rounded musicians and support brain development. Students can learn to play, write and read music using a variety of available instruments, including tambourines, drums, rhythm sticks, bongos, triangles, ukuleles, glockenspiels, the piano and more.
Weekly art classes aim to encourage creativity, collaboration and the courage to try new things. Mediums used range from paint and paper to string, feather, beads and more.
There are three primary objectives when it comes to teaching physical education: encourage lifelong physical activity, provide strong knowledge of health and nutrition, and instill strong biblical character traits, such as respect, kindness, grace, and responsibility. Summit’s P.E. program is based upon the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills physical education curriculum. The lower elementary focus is on motor skills and basic health and nutrition. Upper elementary builds on this with team building and skill-based activities.
Elementary students are taught about the character of God with an emphasis on His love for all people, God’s global mission, and one’s role in serving and praying for a world with needs. Games, projects, and creative learning exercises are used to explore these concepts and create cultural awareness.
Elementary technology begins with familiarizing students with computer technology and the proper use of them as tools for academic success. Keyboard skills are developed and academic applications are used set the foundation for understanding computer science, coding and design.
Library is a time for story telling and book selection with an intentional purpose – to support student progress in reading. Summit’s librarian assists students in developing metacognition skills, plot and sequencing understanding, and more. So much happens through the pages of a book…and in the Summit library!
Students in fifth grade learn presentation skills and the creative process involved in speaking and performing before an audience. They also develop Bible based skits, which they perform at elementary chapel once a month.



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