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About Summit Christian Academy Tuition

Summit Christian Academy strives to maintain tuition at an affordable, mid range price point and is committed to providing full disclosure of fees and costs associated with enrollment. Enrollment costs are listed below and our business manager is always happy to discuss details of payment with current and potential families.

Tuition includes all textbooks and needed learning materials. 

Tuition Specifics

  • SCA tuition is billed through FACTS Management System. All new families will receive instructions to set up a FACTS account in the enrollment packet received upon admission.
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Learn more about Tuition Assistance here.
  • Tuition Insurance covers families when an unexpected need to terminate school contract arise. Learn more about Tuition Insurance here. 
  • International student requirements and fees can be found on the International Student Fee Page

2024-2025 Tuition Schedule

Grade LevelAnnual TuitionTuition DepositAnnual Payment
(less tuition deposit due June 5)
Semi-Annual Payments
(less tuition deposit due June 5 & Jan. 5)
Monthly Payments
5 Day Pre-K$10,560$500$10,060$5,030$838
2nd / 3rd$12,806$500$12,306$6,153$1,026
4th / 5th$12,978$500$12,478$6,239$1,040
7th / 8th$13,756$500$13,256$6,628$1,105
9th / 10th$14,026$500$13,526$6,763$1,127
11th / 12th$14,129$500$13,629$6,814$1,136

Additional Fees


A non-refundable $200.00 application fee is due with the application of new students.

New student fees are due at the time of enrollment. Pre-K new student fee is $400. Kinder – 12th grade new student fee is $500.

A non-refundable $500.00 tuition deposit is due to complete the enrollment process. If you are enrolling multiple children, all classroom placement can be secured with the first tuition deposit. The remaining deposits can be paid one per month, until a deposit has been received for each student.

Students who participate on sports teams are billed accordingly:

  • Varsity Sports: $250 for the first sport and $225 per additional sport in the same calendar year.
  • Intermediate: $200 per sport
  • Elementary: $100 per sport

Secondary service trips and some extracurricular activities have varying costs associated with them. The purchase of uniforms and secondary personal computers is the responsibility of families.