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Summit Christian Academy is affordable and works hard to provide full disclosure of all fees and costs associated with enrollment in our school.

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  • Our tuition is billed through Facts Management System.
  • For new families, please set up your FACTS account here.
  • To understand more about FACTS and how to enroll, click here.
  • Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. For details and more information click here.
Grade LevelAnnual TuitionTuition DepositAnnual Payment
(less tuition deposit due June 5)
Semi-Annual Payments
(less tuition deposit due June 5 & Jan. 5)
Monthly Payments
2 Day Pre-K$3,623$500$3,123$1,562$260
3 Day Pre-K$4,968$500$4,468$2,234$372
5 Day Pre-K$7,142$500$6,642$3,321$554
2nd / 3rd$10,745$500$10,245$5,123$854
4th / 5th$10,890$500$10,390$5,195$866
7th / 8th$11,542$500$11,042$5,521$920
9th / 10th$11,972$500$11,472$5,736$956
11th / 12th$12,060$500$11,560$5,780$963

Additional Fees (As Applicable)

Application Fee

A non-refundable $200.00 application fee is due with the application of new students.

New Student Fee

New student fees are due at the time of enrollment.  Pre-K new student fee is $300.  Kinder – 12th grade new student fee is $500.

Transportation Fee

We offer a bus service available to the Avery Ranch, Brushy Creek and 183/1431 areas. There is a monthly fee of $140 per student effective August 1, 2020.

Other Fees

Every fee (like sports fees, etc.) is fully disclosed so that you can make an educated, prayerful decision about enrolling at Summit. Click here to see all other fees. Our program is exceptional among private schools offering a well-balanced learning experience and environment for your student.

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Summit Christian Academy would love to have you visit our school. A visit to our campus provides the opportunity for you to meet with our Admissions Director, tour our campus, visit our classrooms, and ask questions.

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