Student Outcomes

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The three pillars on which the educational experience at Summit is built are: Academics, Worldview Orientation, and Spiritual Formation. From these flow student outcomes that teachers, administrators, staff, and coaches seek to foster in each student throughout their enrollment at Summit Christian Academy. 


Students will be equipped academically for future success in life and vocation. Students will:

  • Demonstrate mastery of academic disciplines and be able to freely express themselves through various fields and modalities
  • Develop an inquiring mind and the ability to explore, create, and problem solve.
  • Be equipped to become an advocate for their own learning and develop a lifelong love of learning in order to function as an intelligent member of society.
  • Develop a thorough, integrated foundation in the key learning areas of language, math, science, social studies, fine arts, and biblical studies that will assist them in their progression through life.

Worldview Orientation

Students will understand and exhibit a Biblical Worldview. Students will:

  • Accept the inherent value of all peoples as image bearers of God.
  • Find identity in Christ, rather than in performance.
  • Develop a biblical understanding of God’s sovereignty across all disciplines.

Spiritual Formation & Character Development

Students will graduate as leaders equipped, enriched, and empowered to impact their world for Christ. SCA Students:

  • Accept Christ as Savior and Lord and be able to clearly articulate the gospel to others.
  • Develop a personal relationship with God and understanding who He is through study, prayer, and community such that students demonstrate growth in character and conduct.
  • Have a working knowledge of Bible history and a foundation for life application of its truth.
  • Are instilled with the desire to lead with their talents/abilities through acts of service to impact the world for God’s glory.