Homeschool Enrichment Program

Spread Your Wings

SCA’s Homeschool Enrichment Program leverages its expertise in academics and Christian education to provide students the opportunity to supplement their homeschool education in a school environment. Two programs are offered: 5th Grade Specials and High School Courses. Each program provides the opportunity for homeschool students to explore, exercise, and develop their interests and skills. 

Fifth Grade Enrichment Program

Three blocks offering five different “specials” classes are available to fifth grade homeschool students. Classes take place alongside full-time Summit Christian Academy students on our beautiful, gated campus. Families can sign up for 1, 2 or 3 days (2, 4 or 6 classes). 

As an added bonus, students who participate in a block that includes physical education will join their SCA peers during their lunch period. In addition, homeschool students taking specials classes at Summit are eligible to join an SCA elementary sports or cheer team. Summit participates in the Austin Christian Athletic Association league. 

5th Grade Specials Are Great For…

  • 5th grade students primarily educated using homeschool curriculum
  • Families seeking to supplement core curriculum with hands-on electives
  • Families desiring their students to learn in a Christian school environment

Class Blocks

  • Technology – Lunch on Campus – Physical Education: Tuesdays, 10:30 AM – 12:35 PM
  • Theater – Art: Wednesdays, 9:55 AM – 11:15 AM
  • Music – Lunch With Students – Physical Education: Thursdays, 10:30 AM – 12:35 PM


  • $300 per specials class block per semester (17 weeks)
  • $100 application fee
  • $100 athletic fee, if participating in an elementary sport
  • $40 spring theater fee, which includes participation in a musical

Enrollment starts by creating an account in SCA’s FACTS enrollment system. You will then start an applicant, selecting the “Homeschool 5th Grade Enrichment Program Application.” When asked to select a grade, choose “05 Homeschool Enrichment Program – Specials Classes for Homeschoolers.”

Specials Class Descriptions & Program Specifics

Studio Art

Our Studio Art option educates students about art history, art masters and art technique. They learn principles of design such as subject, background, shape, color, texture and form. In addition, students create works using a wide variety of mediums to include paint, pencil, and clay.

Artistic challenges await in this option where students create pottery, practice weaving, and produce works on paper. In addition, they will delve into 3D drawings that demonstrate their understanding of point perspective.
The art classroom is also an ideal environment for students to examine God’s creation and creativity.


Students learn theoretical and aural skills and make music in a music program that is structured to cultivate well rounded musicians and support brain development.

Music classes are taught using many different tools so students can learn to play, write and read music. Instruments are used by students each class period as well and include tambourines, drums, rhythm sticks, bongos, triangles, ukuleles, glockenspiels, and more.

Physical Education

Physical education classes at SCA are based upon the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills physical education curriculum. It’s three objectives are to encourage lifelong physical activity, provide a strong knowledge of health and nutrition, and instill strong biblical character traits.

In 5th grade P.E., students build upon motor skills and basic health and nutrition. Activities include team building and skill-based sports practices while giving students an environment to practice leadership and interpersonal skills.


The elementary technology class aims to empower elementary students with the digital literacy and computer science skills needed to set a foundation for future scholastic and vocational success. Class is held in SCA’s fully equipped technology classroom. The five content areas of the class are:

– Computational Thinking
– Data Literacy, Management & Representation
– Creativity & Innovation
– Digital Citizenship / Reflecting Christ In The Use of Technology
– Practical Technology Concepts


Students learn the foundational skills of acting, to include speech, movement, stage presence, teamwork, creative expression, and imitation. Warm-ups and games are used to teach lessons and provide practice of theater skills. Students in the 5th grade theater special have the opportunity to participate in the ensemble of school-wide productions.

There is a small additional class fee cover supplies in the theater class.

High School Classes For Homeschool Students

Summit Christian Academy invites homeschool students to enroll in designated high school courses as a means of supplementing or enhancing their homeschool studies. The high school course program is an incredible opportunity for students to be taught by highly qualified instructors in a classroom setting at our beautiful, gated campus.  

SCA High School Courses Are Great For…

  • High school students who are primarily educated through homeschool curriculum
  • Students who want subject instruction from trained, experienced teachers
  • Students desiring electives 
  • Students desiring an in-person, classroom experience on a part-time basis
  • Families desiring for their student complimentary classes in a Christian school environment

Choosing A Course

  • Choose one or more courses
  • Courses are taken over two semesters, for a full school year (August – May) to receive credit.
  • Some courses meet daily while others are every other day. See the course descriptions for times.


  • $1200 per course
  • $100 annual enrollment fee
  • Placement test fee, if required

Enrollment starts by creating an account in SCA’s FACTS enrollment system. You will then start an applicant, selecting the “Homeschool High School Course Enrollment Application.” When asked to select a grade, choose “09-12 High School Courses for Homeschoolers.” You will select your desired course(s) in the In the “Additional Information” section.

2024-2025 High School Courses For Homeschool Students

Algebra II

In Algebra 2, students go into more depth on some of the topics studied in Algebra I while also adding new skills in preparation for Pre-Calculus, Statistics and College Algebra. Topics include three variable systems of equations, matrices and the use of matrix equations to solve systems, and higher order polynomial equations and functions. Students study radical functions in radical form and with rational exponents. We explore exponential functions, logarithms and conic sections.

Meeting Time:10:40 am – 12:05 pm on A days
Teacher: Doug Landers
Prerequisites: Algebra 1, Geometry, Placement test given by SCA

Advanced PreCalculus

This comprehensive course weaves together previous study of algebra, geometry, and functions into a preparatory course for calculus. The course focuses on the mastery of critical skills and exposure to new skills necessary for success in subsequent math courses. The first semester includes linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, radical, polynomial, and rational functions; systems of equations; and conic sections. The second semester covers trigonometric ratios and functions; inverse trigonometric functions; applications of trigonometry, including vectors and laws of cosine and sine; polar functions and notation; and arithmetic of complex numbers.

Methods Used: Exposure and exploration of math fields previously unexplored such as game theory, chaos theory, cryptology and topology. Special topics include fractals and art, polar equations and art, and developing proficiency with Desmos, GeoGebra, graphing calculators and other online software.

Meeting Time:10:40 am – 12:05 pm on A days
Teacher: Lisa Ho
Prerequisites: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Placement test given by SCA

Environmental Science

An interdisciplinary science that integrates physical, biological and information sciences to the study of the environment and the solution of environmental problems. The class begins with Genesis and understanding our role as God’s image bearers in caring for the Earth.

The Socratic Method in studying the interrelated relationships involved in Environmental Science is employed. Study includes examination of personal choices and responsibility in “subduing and having dominion over the Earth. Projects include putting to action our observations and research on our own campus. Students have the opportunity to write proposals and apply for grants benefitting the school.

Meeting Time:12:40 pm – 2:00 pm on A days
Teacher: Melissa Tapperson
Prerequisites: Biology

AP Biology

AP Biology is a Junior/Senior Advance elective. In this subject, students take a deep dive into the science of life. The course is divided into 8 units that cover many topics of life like cellular energetics, genetics, ecology, cell structure and function, to mention a few. This is an advance course and can be used as a college credit. In the lab, the students are able to perform tasks such as cell culturing, microscopy, dissections, and more.

Meeting Time:12:40 pm – 2:00 pm on A days
Teacher: Sydney White
Prerequisites: Biology

Dual Credit English III - Language and Composition

DC English Language and Composition is a challenging and intensive study of the craft of writing, argumentation, and rhetoric. The course is designed as a college-level course that introduces students to the reading and analyzing of a broad and challenging range of texts, deepening student awareness of rhetoric and argumentation, all while studying how language works. Course readings feature expository, analytical, personal, and argumentative texts from a variety of authors and historical contexts, from both the fiction and nonfiction genres.

At its core, the course is designed to help students become critical readers of texts while acquiring composition skills that will enable them to write analytically, argumentatively, and for a variety of purposes and audiences. As growing writers, students will scrutinize and engage in argumentative, analytical, and research-based writing both in and out of class as they navigate the possibilities of language and composition.

The course is also designed to give students an authentic college course experience, and students will be held to a high standard of academic achievement and intellectual engagement. By the end of the year, students should be able to interact more capably with both fiction and nonfiction texts and write with a more focused sense of purpose and a mastery of rhetorical strategies, all while being aware of how their writing fits with the occasion, the audience, and the purpose.

Meeting Time:8:20 am – 9:45 am on A days
Teacher: Amy Smith
Prerequisites: English I, English II, Placement test given by SCA

United States History

The United States History class primarily focuses on the period after the Civil War to the present. Through primary and secondary source analysis, we study the history of the United States in order to become informed and effective citizens.

Meeting Time:8:20 am – 9:45 am on B days
Teacher: Echo Roper
Prerequisites: None

Spanish III

Throughout the Spanish III Curriculum, students are able to review and use prior vocabulary and grammar, learn and use new and more complex vocabulary and grammar, and expand their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students read and learn about people, places, and traditions from the Spanish-speaking world. Students are taught to communicate about their relationships with their friends and families, leisure activities and future plans. Students grow in their ability to discuss a variety of topics with moderate fluency.

Meeting Time:9:50 am – 10:35 am Monday – Friday
Teacher: Josh Zambrano
Prerequisites: Spanish I, Spanish II

Bible: Understanding Faith - Apologetics

Apologetics comes from the Greek “apologia,” a legal term meaning “defense” and is the branch of Christian theology concerned with the intelligent presentation and defense of the historical Christian faith. This class is intended for 11th or 12th graders and is designed to equip students to humbly, lovingly, intelligently and compellingly present and defend their faith. Through the course of the year we cover the units of Biblical Arcing, the Reliability of Bible, the Truth Claims of Jesus, the Problem of Evil, the Problem of Hell, the Validity of Resurrection, and Contemporary Issues of Race, Gender and War.

Meeting Time:10:40 am – 12:05 pm on B days
Teacher: Mitch Friedman
Prerequisites: None

Advanced Art III

This upper level courses are designed to give juniors and seniors the chance to take on a true long-term and large-scale project. More than any other class, they will be required to take on the responsibility of a professional artist, meeting deadlines and assuming the role of the main creative force. Over one or two years they will create a body of work surrounding a central theme of their own making. They will also learn how to properly articulate their visual ideas and to display their work in a professional manner.

Meeting Time:2:55 pm – 3:40 pm Monday – Friday
Teacher: Ben Congdon
Prerequisites: None


Please reach out to our registrar if you have questions about the enrollment process. For more specifics on a particular program, please send an email to the elementary principal’s office regarding 5th grade specials or our secondary principal’s office regarding high school courses.