Drop Off/Pick Up Directions

Elementary drop off begins at 7:30am.
Secondary drop off begins at 7:45am.
Elementary pick up begins at 3:20pm.
Secondary dismisses students at 3:40pm.

All students will be checked by a staff member before leaving their vehicle.

All students must be wearing their masks, and have their personal belongings ready to exit the car.

Students driving their own vehicles will park first. Gather their belongings, put on their masks and head to the check in point for IS and HS.

Please note the colored stars, representing drop off areas.
Intermediate and High School Drop off stop is in front of the gym.

RED Building 5: Pre-K drop off/pick up stop
WHITE Building 5: Kinder, Cara Harper’s & Lydia Varnier’s classes drop off/pick up stop
BLUE Building 4: Brooke May’s & Mary Mullins’ classes drop off/pick up stop
**This is behind the cafeteria.
YELLOW Building 3: Ali Curtis’ & Elizabeth Billups’ classes drop off/pick up stop
**This is between buildings 2 & 3.

Please be sure to drive slowly on campus. It will take getting used to this new drop off and pick up process, but we will all get acclimated soon. Be sure to be patient with each other.

Teachers or SCA Staff will escort students to their class in the morning. For Elementary, drop off occurs at 7:30AM and pick up begins at 3:10PM but parents are allowed to line up in front of Building 5 as early as 2:30PM.