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We’ve established Austin’s first and only Pre-K through 12 fully immersive innovation center — a place that drives creative thinking, problem-solving and preparedness for an ever-changing, dynamic world. Each and every SCA student is given the chance to prepare for a future of leadership and innovation through the use of technology and an all-encompassing curriculum taught by some of the brightest minds in Austin.


Our innovation center was created to deliver coursework and opportunities that instill creative thinking, problem solving and leadership through technology.

Elementary Innovation Center:

  • We use technology to prepare students for an ever-changing world
  • We lead students with a transdisciplinary approach so they can make meaningful connections
  • Through group exercises our students experience and develop social-emotional learning, tolerance and interpersonal communication skills
  • Hands on activities allow students to be more engaged and stimulate a deeper level of learning

Elementary and Middle School  Computer Science Literacy

A big leap beyond just using computers, students at Summit learn programming basics with student-friendly tools that introduce them to block programming, python, and javascript. The strong emphasis on storytelling includes lessons that include movie making and animation that keep the projects fun and engaging. Working with world-class tools like Scratch, Makecode, and allows students share their creations with friends and family.

High School Computer Science and Robotics

Computer Science puts students in the director’s seat moving them from consumer to producer.  Starting with the Raspberry Pi and Python, students learn about real-world software development. College-level lessons help them learn how familiar applications work and how to begin making their own. 

Building from there, classes and activities dive deeper into robotics, user interface, and application design with examples that range from mobile apps, games, tools for life and the mission field all while using professional class tools.  Areas of focus include:

  • Computer Science Foundations (RaspberryPi / Python / Git)

From boot camp to lift-off. Working with computers and programming them. Great for all students. 

    • Application Development (Mobile / Web / Cloud)
      Designing beautiful apps with the user in mind.  How to manage the details of real software development.
  • Robotics for Engineering (Sensors / Motors / Things that move)
    A deeper dive into hardware, gears, and the math of robotics. 

Summit’s CS Faculty includes Gerardo Quesada – Innovation Center Director, Erin Mwalwanda  – Elementary Innovation Lead, and  Paul Austin – Ret. Chief Architect from National Instruments and SW engineer for LEGO Mindstorms. 

Summit is also proud to have many highly talented and qualified parents from Austin’s hi-tech and creative industries that help with our programs.