We are excited to begin our academically-focused extracurricular activities for the 2020-2021 school year! These activities encourage Academic Excellence by giving your student(s) an outlet to pursue their unique gifts and interests in a fun and safe environment. A key enabler is the use of expert parent volunteers who utilize professional experience and education to...
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This Fall, SCA is offering an online Computer Science course available for non-SCA students. This course will be taught by Paul Austin, former Chief Architect of National Instruments. If you are interested in signing up for this course, complete this form, and we will get back to you with more information.
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This week in 2nd grade we are studying plants.  After learning about the different parts of plants, we went to the Innovation Room to take a “closer look” at them!  Students learned how to use the digital microscopes and divided into groups to examine slides containing different parts of plants.  They loaded slides, focused the...
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Mrs. Suarez and her 7th grade students took Spanish class to a new level! They made homemade churros! That sounds like some yummy innovative thinking!
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Destination Imagination (DI) is open to all kindergarten through university level students worldwide. Students form teams of up to 7 members, select their preferred Challenge and work together to develop a solution to the Challenge. Each team has at least one Team Manager (often a parent or teacher) who helps keep the team on track,...
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Ms. V’s Kindergarten Class has been learning about the three states of matter and how those states of matter can change.  To demonstrate this, our class used heavy cream (a liquid) and added it to a glass jar.  Then the students took turns shaking the jar.   Students used their eyes and ears to observe the...
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Our fourth graders had the opportunity to experience Vincent Van Gogh using AR VR!! Look at that smile!
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Students used the properties of rectangles that they learned in the previous class to stake out a rectangle that represents an 8′ x 12′ foundation for a shed. They used a tape measure to measure off the sides and a carpenter’s square to make right angles and diagonals. If they actually made a rectangle, the...
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