Summit Soccer

SCA Soccer

Summit Christian Academy launched its soccer program during the 2020-2021 school year. The team is composed of 5th – 7th grade students and plays in the coed Austin Christian Athletic Association (ACAA). Lead by Coach Mark Turner, the team achieved a 5-1 record in its first year, making it to the ACAA semi-finals. 

Program Focus

  • Play Hard
  • Have Fun
  • Make Mistakes

Players are coached to develop a growth mindset. That is achieved if they feel confident to try things knowing they won’t always get it right, but see every attempt as a learning and growth opportunity.

What Players & Parents Are Saying...

“It was so much fun to get to play soccer with my school friends. It’s a great program that I can’t wait to continue to grow with!” ~Caitlyn, 6th Grade Student

“I was so excited when I heard Summit will have a soccer team. Soccer is my favorite sport. I got to have so much fun with my teammates, and learn to be a leader to be helpful to others. I can’t wait for next year!”  ~Dyllann, 5th Grade Student

“Our son began the season leery as he was used to just getting to run and score.  As he began to learn the fundamentals of soccer, he blossomed.  He began to see the value of knowing where your teammates are and your own part to play.  It is such a valuable skill to carry on in life, to know that you are an integral part of a larger body.  I love SCA soccer!”  ~Melissa Tapperson, Parent

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