Summit Christian Academy’s pre-kindergarten program is designed to prepare students for lifelong learning by building a strong academic base, while fostering spiritual and social growth in a loving environment. God’s Word, the foundation for our curriculum, is taught as a subject and is integrated into all other areas and activities.

Pre-kindergarten students grow tremendously during these years as God’s gifts of language, thought, and imagination are developed through listening, speaking, writing, and phonics. The academic program also includes the teaching of math skills, science concepts, and social studies skills. The focus of Bible instruction is to build a strong foundation for God as the Creator.

Development of gross motor skills is vital during this time of growth; therefore the pre-kindergarten classrooms provide the opportunity for movement and activity. Students use manipulatives in the classroom to develop concrete learning experiences. The daily schedule includes a mixture of group work, center time, seat work, story time, snack time, recess, and rest time. These students participate in all elementary specials including art, music, library, computer, physical education, and Impact Education.

A highlight of each week is chapel, where pre-kindergarten students join the rest of the elementary classes for a time of praise and worship.

The Day in the Life of Pre-Kindergarten

Chapel: Every Wednesday, elementary students meet for a time of worship. Students sing worship songs and listen to a short message from God’s Word.   Once a month during chapel, students are recognized for character traits. Elementary classes focus on two character traits a month. Teachers recognize students whose behavior has shown evidence of the monthly character traits.

Bible: In Pre-K, we love to saturate with God’s Word, not only through weekly Bible stories that highlight obedience and God’s unfailing love, but also in everyday life.  Biblical principles and values are integrated and reinforced in all subjects throughout the day.

Prayer: Students have many opportunities to pray throughout the day.  They are taught to pray by offering praise and thanksgiving, as well as praying for their own needs and the needs of others.

Language Arts Concepts: Letter recognition, phonemic awareness, phonics, reading readiness, handwriting, journal drawing and writing are introduced, reviewed, and reinforced with a mixture of seatwork and lots of fun, hands-on activities.  *

Math Concepts: Many math concepts are introduced and reinforced throughout the year.  These concepts include number recognition, one-to-one correspondence for numbers 1-20, patterning, sequencing, sorting and classification of objects, spatial relationships, simple addition and subtraction, ordinal numbers, and the identification of shapes and colors. Telling time to the hour and money concepts are also introduced to Pre-K students. *

Social Developmental/Centers:  We know that an important aspect of any child’s development includes play.  Therefore, our center activities are focused to help teach necessary  social/emotional skills through teamwork, sharing, problem solving, loving, and encouraging one another.

Spanish: Students attend Spanish class for 30 minutes each week.

Social Studies and Science Concepts: We design activities to complement the theme of the week and reinforce concepts being taught.  We do a variety of science experiments and even take virtual field trips to see some of the places and people we are learning about throughout the year.

Impact Education: Pre-kindergarten students learn to pray for a specific people group each week that begins with the letter of the week. The students pray that these people would soon be able to have a Bible in their own language and missionaries to teach them God’s Word.

Lunch: SCA has a full-service cafeteria where elementary students may either bring their lunch or purchase a hot lunch that is prepared on site.

Recess: Pre-K has a minimum of 30 minutes of recess a day.

Service Project: Through SCA’s Summit Serves program, Pre-K students collect items to place in gift baskets for families staying at the Ronald McDonald house.  At Christmas time, Pre-K students celebrate a “Happy Birthday Jesus” party.  As students rejoice in the birth of our Saviour, they also enjoy wrapping baby gifts they have been purchased to share with a local crisis center.  Pre-K students also collect coins they have earned from doing chores at home.  The coins are saved in baby bottles and are donated to the crisis center.

* It is important to note that children entering Pre-K are developing at different rates and therefore, are at different places in their learning.  We strive to meet each child on his/her level and to continue to challenge and grow that child as he/she develops.  We do this by creating an enriched environment that differentiates between different learning styles and developmental time clocks.

Special Events: Some special Pre-K events include weekly show and tell, fun “theme” days such as Thanksgiving Fellowship Meal Western Week, Splash Day, and Community Helpers Week when we enjoy visits from local policmen and the local fire department. Parents are also encouraged to come and share about their occupations with the class.

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