Aaron Fisher


Aaron Fisher

High School Social Studies Teacher

Classes Taught

  • World Geography
  • World History
  • AP World History

Classes Advised

  • Dual Credit US History
  • Dual Credit Economics
  • Dual Credit Government


  • Bachelor of Science in History and Biology, Hampden-Sydney College


  • CPR Certified

Get To Know Mr. Fisher

“My interests largely align with my fields of study. I like reading the latest articles on archeological and scientific discoveries. In my spare time my hobbies include archery and leatherworking. I also try to stay active by playing basketball.

My faith in Christ is the foundation of my life. I try to live as Jesus asks us to, in my marriage, raising my kids, in interactions with everyone else, and I trust him in all things. Being a history teacher, I find it fun and exciting to cover the historic events recorded in the Bible and by other historians corroborating those events.”