Learning Center

Learning Center

Summit Christian Academy’s Learning Center is a resource for students who qualify. It is designed to provide learning strategies, reading remediation, and on-level tutoring to students. Most students utilize the lab as an accommodation to a learning difference. The Learning Center provides students a support system by implementing a variety of alternative teaching techniques and strategies.

Accommodations are customized to the student’s needs. Students are taught to realize their individualized learning styles and how to work with those styles to increase their learning potential and effectiveness. Learning Center teachers work in close collaboration with content area teachers to provide instructional support and communication with parents. Learning Center teachers provide pre-teaching, re-teaching, reinforcement, and/or present alternative instructional strategies to help students learn content material.

Benefits of Summit's Learning Center

Summit views all students as valued, unique, image-bearers of God. In light of this value, the Learning Center program exists to serve students who have identified learning differences that require supplemental services and/or accommodations.

The Learning Center gives students an opportunity to:

  • Have the content assignment explained differently so that the student will understand, maintain, and retain the information in a one-to-one teacher/student scenario, or through small group instruction.
  • Complete class work independently while using the Learning Center for a less distracting environment.
  • Complete assessments in a quiet, non-stressful environment.

Fee Structure

Fee structure for utilizing the Learning Center is as follows: 
There are 3 levels of support for the students to utilize. This level is determined by the Learning Center committee with parental authorization.

  • Level 1: $71/mo Classroom Accommodations only (no lab use)
  • Level 2: $125/mo Classroom Accommodations with Learning Center visits 2 hr/week average use
  • Level 3: $163/mo Classroom Accommodations with unlimited Learning Center visits

For more information about the Summit Learning Center, you can request a brochure through your child’s classroom teacher or email Mary Vallee at mvallee@summiteagles.org, the Learning Center teacher.

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