Elementary School

Elementary School

For students at Summit Christian Academy, the quest for excellence begins in elementary school where the curriculum is designed to prepare students for lifelong learning, while fostering spiritual and social growth in a loving environment. As students enter this academically-focused environment, our highly qualified staff and specialists further enhance our core curriculum. All elementary classes are taught the core subjects of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Bible. Students also participate in special classes each week: physical education, music, art, computer, library, and Impact Education.

Every classroom contains student computers for students to access Accelerated Reader and enrichment activities. At each grade level, students read a variety of literature and create unique projects. Field trips are taken to expand knowledge and provide hands-on experiences. We believe that students learn best in a stimulating environment. Therefore, you will see a variety of learning activities on our campus. From classroom plays, written poetry, growing plants, incubating eggs, or watching the stages of a butterfly to dissecting a squid, students participate in the learning process in enjoyable ways.

A highlight of each week is our chapel service. On this special day, all elementary classes join for a time of joint worship and praise. During one of these chapel services each month, students are recognized for displaying godly character traits. Though Bible is taught as a subject, the instruction of Scripture is not isolated to specific lessons. Because all of our teachers have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, they teach from a Christian worldview and are able to biblically integrate every subject and provide daily guidance according to God’s Word. Our elementary teachers teach to the heart of your students so they not only learn core skills and areas of study, but also understand how they are a unique part of God’s greater purpose.

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Enrollment 2018-19

K-12th Classes Enrollment is Open

Summit Christian Academy, is an independent, non-denominational, college preparatory school, dedicated to the highest academic standards taught through a biblical worldview

SCA Camp

Camp Summit Enrollment

Camp Summit is a 10 week summer camp designed for Kinder through 5th grade students. It is a blast and meets on the campus of Summit Christian Academy in Cedar Park. Individual weeks can be purchased or the entire summer.

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We Welcome Our International Students

We welcome our international students, believing we are called to serve the international and local Christian communities through a unique emphasis on world populations and missions.

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We are currently accepting applications for substitute teachers.


Pre-K Enrollment 2018-19

Summit offers a 2-day, 3-day, and 5-Pre-K program. All three options are full-day programs.

SCA Seniors

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Our seniors received total cumulative merit-based scholarships of $2,117,145. They also served a total of 3,748 hours in Austin, the United States and Worldwide.

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