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Sunday night

We serve a promise keeping God!

We had a great start to our trip.  The Little Town of Bethlehem is not starting until next week, so our alternate plan is Johnson City PEC and Courthouse lights.  BEAUTIFUL!  We had great fun taking pictures in the town square, taking a spin around the town on a hayride, ending with a team picture under the million lights of PEC. (check out Summit FB page)

Dinner at Subway and now we’re debriefing.  Our first devotional comes from Isaiah 9:6-7.  Isaiah is proclaiming the birth of the Savior that hasn’t come. Even though it was going to be some time before God send his son, Isaiah had no doubt that God would keep his promises.

Our prayer is that we will be a part of answering someone’s prayer these next 2 days.  God always keeps his promises, even though sometimes we don’t feel like he will.  He is faithful.

In the morning we will head to Hill Country Fellowship to work in their clothes closet.  We’ll be sorting and organizing for the church’s ministry to foster children.

Please pray that God will use every moment on this trip to draw us closer to Christ and to become closer as a class.

We are working on being aware of our surroundings and to not become a distraction to others but to be awareof others so we can be obedient to God calling us to be instant in season … at that moment … to become the hands and heart of Jesus!

Serving Him Together!

Mrs. G

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