Our last Middle School & High School Chapel was unplugged.
Many of our fellow believers have to worship in secret and in danger of being arrested, losing their jobs, homes and even their very lives for the sake of the gospel.  The last two weeks in secondary chapel we have been learning about and praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ. 
This week we had worship without all the ‘frills’ if you will (mics, projectors, iPads, screens, etc.) just as those with less and those with great consequences if they get caught.  We then dispersed into our homerooms and wrote letters of encouragement to a few that we know of that are in prison because of their faith.  Each homeroom took one prisoner of faith and each student wrote a letter of encouragement.  We do this safely through the direction and guidelines of Voice of the Martyrs –  www.persecution.com.

We want to mail the letters, but each of the letters costs approximately $1.60. Please remind your student to bring money to cover their letter. If students wish to bring more money, we will donate to VOM who helps support the prisoners of faith and their families.

Liz, Camryn, Jason and Timmy leading worship for the Unplugged Chapel service.