Love in Action … Honor one another above yourselves …

It’s not typically hard to love to love your ‘tribe’. But move beyond those boundaries and … whoa! ! ! That can be some hard stuff. As we look at Romans 12, it is FULL of challenging statements: don’t think more highly of yourself than you ought to, we have different gifts but we need each other, be sincere, be devoted to one another, do not be proud … and those are just a few. Love each other? Like, all of the ‘each others’ on the trip? Yes.

Tomorrow we draw each other’s names and for 2 days we will pay attention, and then we will honor each other with what we saw! Please pray for this class, as each year when we’ve done this it has been a very special and honoring time.

Anyone can do a chore. We’re building young men and women who serve from their heart… Others AND each other.

Our Summit students were amazing today: making walkways, setting tables and benches for future work teams (this was actually very tedious – no complaints – the students wanted to do their jobs with excellence) moving furniture for a single mom, clearing a property of debris from hurricane Harvey, clearing around the bunkhouses and outside eating area of very large weeds that looks like trees. (okay, not that big, but BIG) The leaders of Hands of Hope quickly realized, they would not be babysitting Summit students, in fact, they would be scrambling to keep us busy. 😀 So proud of these students!

Tonight for debrief we each shared the highlight of the day and then began our journey through Romans 12.

It’s supposed to rain tonight. Pray for clear days so we can help those that are counting on us!

We lovingly call our bunkhouses ‘the submarines’. Tomorrow’s goal is to upload pictures for you. Remember if you are on Facebook – log on to Summit Christian Academy/SCA I try to post a couple of times!

The shower trailer is amazing (once they figured out they had run out of propane to heat the water) sometimes it pays off to wait till the end. I’m just sayin’!

The food is great! Tonight’s menu: chicken friend steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and a sweet roll. Oh yeah! We’re suffering for Jesus! Ha!


Mrs. G