27 people + 2200 lbs + 6 hrs = Bob with a smile

Rain changed our plans this morning. We were to be digging trenches to be able to move a stuck RV for a gentleman that needs it ‘outta his way’!

Plan B – Bob works for the county. Every day Bob drives within his work area from Aransas Pass to Fulton to the Bay to the Island. Bob is responsible for picking up the hurricane cleanup and landscaping cleanup if it is stacked in the ditch correctly. This is really a large area for just one person. Just a few minutes into our time with Bob a group of 4 of us were sent to help another lady (within the same environmental dept.) with her rebuild cleanup.

At the end of the day Bob came up to me and said, “Your kids have restored my faith in the future generation. They have worked hard., and they work so well together. They are nice to each other. And I’m tellin you, the work they did today would have taken me at least one and half weeks! When I take the loads of trash to the transfer station they weight it. Your team has picked up at least 2200 lbs. You have no idea how much this helped me, I just can’t believe it. I appreciate it so much.”

Our devotional this morning we talked through Romans 12. 1-21. We talked about what it means to be a friend and a frenemy. This class is an amazing class. They were encouraged to go outside of their comfort zone and have conversations and work beside others that they don’t normally work beside. Because of the day being how it was, it naturally happened and listening to Bob compliment them on that very thing. Their ability to be kind and work together.

The last group that helped Bob, we took to Dairy Queen and had a moment to ask them their favorite moments of the day. Quite a few of them said, “We tried what you asked us to do Mrs. G. To have conversations with people we don’t normally hang out with or even try to have conversations with. It was really awesome. We’re closer and really it was fun.” (insert 5 smiley faces)

Tonight for dinner we were invited to join the senior group of the church and eat potluck (yummy) homemade desserts (coyote dropping) and play games. Our students are visiting with them, playing games and having a blast.

Community, serving, friends, fun … bein’ like Jesus!

mrs. g