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What a hard working group of students … and leaders!

Our work project supervisor confirmed to us before we started the day that they had particularly left the tunnel for Summit. We started off strong but quickly had many setbacks. The team that worked the trees and the poles over by the game room and basketball court did AMAZING! ! ! !   When they finished they joined the tunnel teams. The Tunnel teams … oh… my… word!  So many of the strands had faulty wiring so instead of getting halfway done – we barely got one fourth of the tunnel done.  The kids would get so frustrated to check a set of lights, put up the strand, recheck it and half the lights weren’t working.  Over and over that happened.  The kids hung in there and kept working. They Just Didn’t Give UP! I am so proud of them.  Tejas is going to go get new lights so we can hopefully have a successful day tomorrow.

The food STILL is a favorite!  LOL!

Before dinner the staff treated us with 1.5 hours of zip line and the BIG SWING! The Hub (coffee/smoothie/gift shop was open and the kids certainly always enjoy it.  It is amazing how the staff here serves our kids … who are serving them.  Great example!

I challenged the kids last night to try to speak to the workers here and bless them or thank them.  Quite a few reported tonight that they had done that.   It’s the beginning of asking God to give them courage to eventually ask if there is anything they can pray for them or to have conversations with people about the hope we all have in Christ.

Tonight we had a crazy team building game… get your whole team across the room, using 2 metal chairs, not touching the floor, and not talking. (You would have to start over if either of those things happened) let’s just say there were many ‘start overs’.

We continued our devotional conversation!


Inn – Where in our lives are we not making room for God

Stable – In what areas of our lives do we allow God to be involved

Heart – What is God asking us to do about the answers above? – make a heart change about an attitude, behavior, relationships, etc.

As a class:

What words describe a caring person? (Make a list )

Why is it difficult at times to care for another person? What does that tell us about ourselves?

When it comes to caring, what differences are there between you and God? (Make a list. Make two columns, label one “Me” and the other one “God.”)

What keeps us from caring?

Bottom line – As we serve others, they watch how we serve each other as we work together.

So being a ‘unified team’ is very important.

This class is a great class. Such amazing young men and ladies.

To bed … and then … tomorrow morning … hit the ground running!

Mrs. G

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