That’s Big Ben?

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Aren’t we all? At least that should be the goal… right? Constantly pressing in to become more like the one in whose image we’re created? Just a thought!

A day of sightseeing on the Red Bus, Achilles’ statue, another statue, the horse, famous buildings and streets, Churchill’s War Rooms, Westminster Abbey, WA gift shop,  Buckingham Palace, someone famous that got to ride in a helicopter and dropped off at the Royal guard’s Barracks, a walk through the Park, claustrophobic tube ride, dinner at the hotel/Thai/Nando’s … yeppers…  It was a full day y’all!

A big shout out to Chris and Nan Castello –  Nan for all the trip planning/organizing. (We have our own in-house trip planner – when other trip orgs couldn’t do what we asked … she just went for it! And we have scored!) Chris is our navigator –  if we get on or off the tube wrong … we get to blame him!  😀  honestly two amazing people that Summit has been blessed to have ‘on our team’.

The list above was our day!  After Churchill’s War Rooms we split into two groups and went to Westminster  Abbey and Buckingham Palace!

For almost everyone the War Room was a first.  They continue to add to the information and details which is wonderful. To think of all the decisions that were made in the underground bunker. They had to have sun lamps for the workers to help keep them healthy because they would have to stay for days sheltered as they watched, planned and plotted the allied route to victory during the Second World War.  To hear the testimonies of those that served in what I call the ‘war hole’ is amazing.  Men and women dedicating their lives to stop the horrific plans of a regime that was systematically destroying human lives because of a thought that one race was superior over others with plans to cleanse and dominate.

That’s Big Ben? I simply cannot check that Bucket List item off?

Tomorrow we have plans to work at the Brixton soup kitchen.  Please pray for us as this will be a wonderful opportunity to serve those that ‘serve’! For some this could be a first to get to work within a working soup kitchen.  Generally those that God has placed this ministry into their hands need serving themselves.  We are honored to have made the connection and are looking forward to ‘easing the load’.

Later we’ll head to Shakespeare Theatre and some more sightseeing.!  I think perhaps, we’ll hang around ‘in town’ till the tube clears out before we brave the mobs.  One group yesterday said, Angela is so short, at times it was as if you could only see her arm… hanging on to the pole!  😀 

Onward … through the fog ! ! !