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We arrived safely, settled into our dorms and started off our evening with a quick orientation / reminders and then headed to the game room, basketball court and gigantic slides before the infamous Tejas meal … BBQ, mac n cheese, salad and chocolate cake …  YUMMMMMM ! ! ! !   Tejas does not disappoint!

After dinner a little more free time then devo.

We read Luke 2:1-12

Jesus was the hoped for longed for Savior.  He showed us he was no respecter or people coming first to the shepherds … he came for all of us! It maybe be easy to believe in the story but what do we actually do with his story? Do we allow Jesus – the hope he brings to touch every part of our lives?  What part in our lives are we like the inn keeper – there’s no room? Or where in our lives are we feeling there is no hope?

We each privately wrote in our devo those areas we need him to touch, to bring hope to what might feel like a hopeless situation.

I then put the challenge out that if we do believe in him we carry that Good News with us, so tomorrow and the next 3 days, we’re going to practice sharing that hope and speaking blessings – to each other and to the staff here.

There will be some that it will be no big deal.  For others, it will be tough having the courage to say, “Thank you, bless you for serving us!”  It’s a first step to becoming agents of sharing the Good News of His Great Love!

We broke into small groups and shared and prayed!

We had a great game of ‘CUP’ – Lyla won!  Now back to the game room … (thanks a lot daylight savings time … LOL)

Pray for us to have a great night’s sleep!  That tunnel looks like it’s ready for some lights!

Each evening, or the next morning just log on to  and I’ll have a new update!

This is a great class.  What amazing talent and great hearts!  Please join me in prayer as we work to see value in each other, honor one another and become carriers of His Hope to everyone we encounter.

Be blessed!

Mrs g

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