Stay Awake … Or … Off wi’ yer heads!

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Day One –   # 1 goal ….. Stay Awake till Bedtime!

With a 6 hour difference in time, the number one goal after you land is to stay awake!  Well.. the wet cold weather helps.

We land, we load up on the bus, we arrive at the hotel and drop off our luggage … Off we go on the tube to the Tower of London and Harrods… 

The Tower of London has the Crown Jewels which are absolutely amazing! However, the history of the Tower of London is filled with intrigue, conquest and tragedy including a little bit of, “off with their heads”

  Forgive me, but I think Harrods might be an equal in many ways. First …it is a serious conquest to navigate the place to just find the food court.  Second it is intriguing to see the many people that are willing to pay the astronomical amounts of money for the items sold inside Harrods.  Thirdly, a tragedy to the wallet is the end result, with possible parents or spouses thinking … You paid whaaat?  Off wi’ yer head!!!   😀

Returning to the hotel, we had our last adventure of the day just trying to figure out which exit to take … oops! wrong one … where’s the hotel?   Is THAT sleet?

Finally we find our abode,  finished checking in and either enjoyed a plate of fish and chips, burgers or salad … OR enjoyed the sandwich purchased in the elusive food court of Harrods.

Now to get the body to cooperate and adjust to the time change and go to sleep.

Tomorrow we explore London via the Red Bus, visit Churchill’s war room and hopefully one other historical museum.

There was no debrief tonight as most of the class was asleep before the other half was trying to have dinner.

Till tomorrow!

mrs g