Serving the Navaho People (Min Kim – PreK3/4 Teacher)

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Over the past nine years, I have been able to go on mission in Arizona to share the gospel with the Navajo and Hopi Indians. As a church, we have been going on mission in Arizona for over fifteen years. Every year, I am able to see God’s amazing love for the people in Arizona.

Currently, my church works with a missionary that serves the people in Winslow, Arizona. Through this missionary, I had the opportunity to serve the people in Burnside, Arizona for five years. Now, our church has been called to unite as one team and serve the people in Winslow, Arizona. This past summer was my fourth year in Winslow.  

My mission trip is only a week long. As my pastor prayed about how we are to serve the people in Arizona, God has given us the calling to share the gospel with the children. Every year, we set up a Vacation Bible School program for the children. Many children come to this event. Over the last five years, we have about 75-90 children come. We share the Bible message, sing and dance praises, do a small craft and have game stations. Over the years, I have served in the VBS team in different ways mainly to share the Bible message and lead and teach the VBS praise songs. 

Every mission trip, we host a banquet on Thursday evening and invite the adults and children to come to listen to the Gospel. During this time, we have a children’s program while the adults worship. I have always served by playing the piano or leading the worship service. As my pastor shares the message in Korean, I translate and proclaim the Word in English. After, we would have a time to build relationships with the people in Winslow as we share our lives and what God has done in our lives. 

Over the years, God has revealed to me many different things while on these trips to Arizona. My perspective of mission and missions change as I have gone. When I first went, I was so focused on the tasks and work that had to be done during the busy week. However, God showed me that His purpose for me on this journey is to know Him and to see the work He does in different parts of the world instead of Austin, Texas. Through missions, God has strengthened and united the members of the Church body and He has revealed to me just how precious the Church body is and the reason why He purchased it with His blood and body. It has always been an amazing experience. I hope to continue to be able to part of mission, whether it is to the Navajo people or to the ends of the earth.