Secondary School

Secondary School

Stem Initiative

Summit Christian Academy began a STEM initiative in the 2013-2014 schoolyear and continues to expand that initial rollout.  Some of the highlights of the school’s initiative and continued rollout include:

• Updating and upgrading the school’s infrastructure by tripling the bandwidth to the internet

• Installing campus-wide WiFi

• Incorporating off-site cloud technology

• Purchasing iPads for all teachers

• Providing iPad labs for all students

• Adding 2 science labs

• Expanding science course offerings to include astronomy, dual credit astronomy, forensics, dual credit physics, engineering overview, and a robotics curriculum

• Expanding computer classes to include all grade levels Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade

• Expanding the school’s technology/media center by building a new computer lab

These steps above are only a part of the school’s comprehensive strategic plan to equip, enrich, and empower Summit Christian Academy students for the twenty-first century.

Secondary Overview

Summit Christian Academy has achieved excellence in every area of school life from academics, behavior, school spirit, athletics, and fine arts. One reason for the secondary’s success is stability. The secondary consistently has a high retention rate of faculty and administration. Stability provides the atmosphere where excellence can grow and flourish and where students can continue to realize the benefits of the ever-improving quality of Summit’s education. Academically, the school continues to offer a standard track and an advanced track of math, English, and history that allows students to be placed where they can be challenged, but not frustrated.

Although quality academics are one of the priorities at Summit, the school provides a wide range of activities to ensure that Summit’s students are well rounded. The school year begins with a retreat where the students get to have fun while getting to know each other and their teachers in a relaxed setting. The students participate in games and team competitions designed to build camaraderie and school spirit. During the year, students enjoy participating in extracurricular activities, athletics and Impact Education trips. Impact trips not only continue the team-building process, but provide a venue where students can grow spiritually. In addition, the trips allow our students to grow in character as they bless other people. Character development is a key component to the overall Summit experience. Formal avenues of development occur during Bible classes, chapel, community service, and the integration of biblical principles throughout the curriculum.

Summit expects our graduates to be students who are academically prepared as lifelong learners, having acquired college-readiness skills, higher–level thinking skills, and study skills that they will need in college and beyond. Our goal is to graduate students with a Christian worldview who have a servant’s heart and a desire to impact their world for Christ.