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We are excited to begin our academically-focused extracurricular activities for the 2020-2021 school year! These activities encourage Academic Excellence by giving your student(s) an outlet to pursue their unique gifts and interests in a fun and safe environment. A key enabler is the use of expert parent volunteers who utilize professional experience and education to create unique opportunities for students to practice and experiment outside of the traditional classroom. As you read the descriptions below, we challenge you to not only encourage your student to participate but also consider using your expertise to help lead or support one of our activities.
To volunteer with these activities, please click here. On September 30th at 6pm, we will be hosting an information meeting for those who desire to volunteer for these activities. The “Zoom Call Info” button will give you the information you need to join in. The password used for the zoom call will be Volunteers.

Destination Imagination – 

A parent-led program to engage participants in project-based challenges designed to build confidence and develop creativity, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills. These academic challenges are designed to teach the creative process—a system of learning that is at the root of innovation and a child’s ability to bring an idea to life. Each season, new and engaging Team Challenges are provided that encourage students to explore their passions, discover unique talents and abilities, and learn new skills.
We are looking for teams in each elementary class (1st-5th) up to 7 members with 1-2 Team Managers (parent).
Click here to learn more about DI.

Summit Maker Club –

A parent-led club designed to guide students through the process of innovative thinking and creation as they explore technology. Students have the opportunity to work with electronics, computers, software, 3D printing, circuit boards, and microcontrollers. This program is offered for Middle School and High School.
We are looking for 3-4 parent volunteers with experience in computer science, robotics and engineering.
This club will start meeting Saturday, September 26 from 10am-12pm. They will meet every other Saturday in the HS Innovation Room, 15-102.
Click this link for a more information.

ACSI Activities:

Students from ACSI member schools have the opportunity to participate in multiple events which are designed to encourage and inspire students toward a standard of excellence in Christian leadership, communication, and performance while challenging them toward God-honoring applications of their academic abilities and fine art. 
ACSI has been working to successfully adapt their activities to enhance post-COVID education models. 

This year, online submission and adjudication will be used for these activities. Due to the format of the competition, the Spelling Bee will be a campus-only event.

Math Olympics – March 12th, submission date

The ACSI Math Olympics is a series of timed tests that are given in a series of rounds. Each student competes against other students in his or her grade and category. The areas of competition include arithmetic computation and mathematical reasoning. Students in grades 3–8 from ACSI member schools may participate. 
We are looking for 2-3 parents per grade who will help prepare students in grade level math concepts.
Students will start preparing for this competition the first week in October. The online submission date for work is March 12.

Speech Meet – April 16th, submission date 

Participation in the ACSI Speech Meet cultivates skills that will contribute to effective leadership. Students develop techniques to speak audibly, expressively, and with confidence in a live audience situation. All students in grades 1-5 choose from grade level specific categories and have the opportunity to recite a memorized speech to be critiqued by judges. 
We are looking for 2-3 parents for each grade level with experience in public speaking to help prepare out students for this competition.
Students will start preparing for this competition the first week in October.The online submission date is April 16

Art Festival – March 19th, submission date

The ACSI Art Festival is designed to encourage fine art education, as well as promote creativity and expression. The event provides an opportunity to recognize and exhibit outstanding student artwork from a variety of categories in elementary grades through high school. 
We are looking for 3-4 parents with an art background to help prepare the presentation of the artwork.
This festival will take place during the Spring semester.The online submission date for work is March 19.

Creative Writing February 26th, submission date

The ACSI Creative Writing Festival provides students an opportunity to develop and showcase creative writing abilities and skills. This is accomplished by having their best written work evaluated and shared with others. In addition to celebrating the talents of emerging young writers, the Creative Writing Festival provides students with the opportunity to receive valuable feedback as they are encouraged to develop their writing skills through the support of a mentor. SCA offers this opportunity for grades 4th-8th.
We are looking for 1-2 parents per grade, with a background in journalism and/or professional writing experience. The goal is for students to grow in their personal writing skills through coaching.
Students will start preparing for this competition the first week in October. The online submission date for work is April 12.

Spelling Bee

The ACSI Spelling Bee encourages proper and confident communication by developing good spelling habits and the awareness of accurate usage of words and vocabulary. Students in grades 1-8 have the opportunity to participate in a traditional grade level spelling bee competition. 
We are looking for 1-2 parents for each grade level to help prepare our students for this competition.
Students will begin preparing for this competition the first week of October. This year, SCA will be hosting our own event in early April.

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