Darcy Lynx


Darcy Lynx, Ph. D.

AP Biology

Course Taught

  • AP Biology


  • Bachelors of Engineering in Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University
  • Ph. D. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Get To Know Dr. Lynx

“I’m love to spend time with my two children, and I’m a mom taxi taking them to their activities so I can watch. I’m also an avid baker and even run a small home bakery as an excuse to bake more. I love to play in the kitchen and in the world to find out how things work and take my kids along on the adventure. I’m interested in conservation and food waste so I do a yearly pumpkin recovery to turn unwanted pumpkins into food, and I make candied citrus peels – turning something that’s usually waste into a treat. 

As a scientist and a Christian, I love to understand the world better to fully appreciate the complex workings of Creation. There is nothing better than teaching young minds what an amazing world we were given.”