Angel Vélez

Angel Vélez

Secondary Spanish Teacher

Courses Taught

  • Spanish – 8th Grade
  • Spanish 2
  • Spanish 3
  • Spanish 4


  • Bachelors in Finance and Marketing, University of Puerto Rico
  • Minor in Theology and Apologetics University of Oxford
  • Minor in Film Studies, University of Puerto Rico

Get To Know Mr. Vélez

“I have an undying interest in theology and storytelling. This means that I can read a dense book on systematic theology with the same ecstatic motivation as a sci-fi fantasy novel. All forms of storytelling are interesting to me, whether it be books, films, graphic novels or video games. I will spend my free time deep diving into either one of them. Because of this, one of my biggest hobbies is writing and filmmaking. So if I am not teaching or reading, you will find me creating stories. 

My faith plays a central role in my life. It is the grounds for everything I do because ultimately my faith is placed on Jesus. Therefore, I try to behave in a manner that pleases Him the most, for the praise and glory of God. My teaching reflects this core belief. As a teacher I am there to guide students in all manner of truth and, therefore, point them to the person who is the Truth. In my specific context, the class will contain a lot of Bible verses in Spanish along with hymns and art. It is all designed to develop not only their academics but more importantly their relationship with God.”