We’re off ! ! ! We’re here ! ! !

Rockport Rising! What a fitting theme for the coastal town that was devastated just over a year ago. Our 9th grade class is headed down there to help out. We don’t know our project, however, whatever it is, whoever we meet … we’re on a mission … to serve!

Three plus hours later and many songs, and laughter … a stop at Bucee’s!

We arrived  just after 7pm.  Were introduced to our new ‘digs’!   Brand new ministry bunkhouses. We’re the first team to stay in them.  We had to take the plastic off the beds!  MUCH better than the cots they expected us to have to use!

Tomorrow morning we will do some moving tables around the church campus. They are making a new area for the teams like ours that come in to serve.  The team in front of us made these picnic tables… we’re going to set them in place, then we’ll head over to a gentleman’s property that’s been waiting for help to clear the debris since the hurricane, or the 2nd wave of tornadoes last year.  Either way, he’s waiting, we’re excited to help.

This is a fun group of kids.   I’ll be posting pics.  If you are on FB please check out Summit Christian Academy/SCA page.  There are pictures of us praying and goodbye hugs.

Thank you for letting us partner with you. Together we’re building young men and women with servant hearts and integrity of character!  All for the glory of God and his kingdom!

Pray for

Good weather, great attitudes, safety, team building, opportunities to bless and pray for others.

In this together

Mrs. G