Valentine’s Gifts

Happy Valentine's Day at Summit Christian Academy


Each year the senior class of Summit has fundraisers to help the student pay for their cost of traveling internationally. This is part of our curriculum at Summit and a culmination of what the students have learned throughout their years of Impact Education.

In years past students have traveled to China, Iceland, Ecuador, Romania, Italy, the British Virgin Islands and many other countries.  They have done landscaping, worked with orphans and severely handicapped children, and helped at an AIDS camp.  They have put on many day camps and Backyard Bible Club activities around the world.

This year the students are traveling to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Haarlem (Netherlands).  They will be serving in a soup kitchen in London and also doing service in Haarlem where the Corrie Ten Boom House is located.  They will be putting the skills they have learned about being “in season” throughout their trip, watching for people who need prayer and stopping to do community service where needed.  Our goal is to teach the students how to take this way of thinking into their college years and beyond.  Being the “hands and feet” of Jesus as a life-long habit is what we hope to impart.

The Valentine’s day fundraiser is our biggest money maker!  The monies collected will help off-set the cost for students on scholarship and also give each student some money towards their trip.  We usually use this as a little extra spending money while they are there, or towards an extra activity.  We also make donations to the groups we work with while they are there.

Please consider giving BIG to our seniors as they “cross the pond” to serve the world.  Thank you!

To order your Valentine Gift, click here! Orders are due by Friday, February 8th, and will be delivered on Thursday, February 14!