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Took a Fast Train to Paris!

Friday Morning

11 days seems like a long time … however … It is flying by!  Literally, at moments it truly is.

We left London wishing for more time to see MANY more places but, alas, Paris was calling.

Landing after 1:30 (another time change) we checked into the hotel and off to the Louvre!

Our guide Michell met us at the station. He was great, obviously loves what he does and has a great sense subtle of humor.

Stopping off at the (?) can’t remember what he called it but I shall call it the creative communication garden.  People were encouraged to use the different levels of pillars and ‘share their story’. Not sure what story our kids were trying to tell but they ‘jumped’ right in and began creating!

Do we love Paris?

Yes… We… Do!

We have very creative young people. So fun!

Then to the Louvre! Amazing! Overwhelming! Mona is smaller than you’d think however, I’d said it so much, the kids didn’t think she was that small! LOL! 

Dinner in Paris!

The kids were so excited to see Five Guys right across the street from the hotel. (yep … for real) The adults enjoyed the small café!

Saturday Morning

We are heading to the Catacombs. Can I just say right here. Make no bones about it … caves and dead people … claustrophobic!

After the ‘below the surface’ tour we’ll check out the line to the Eiffel Tower … chill …  9pm Seine River Tour! Paris at night!

Tomorrow – Normandy!

See ya later … or will I?

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Mrs. g

1 John 4:7-8