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Click here to view pictures from the evening. Thank you, Kayla, for taking pictures for us!

We had a fantastic turnout at the art festival last night! Thank you to everyone who came out or helped out with the event! The students below won an award-please congratulate them on their artwork and the hard work that went in to their pieces! The 3rd-12th grade winners (Best in show, 1st-3rd place) will advance to the ACSI District Competition on April 21st.

KINDER-2nd Grade BEST IN SHOW: Brianna Fenton (Buildings-Watercolor Crayon)

Superior: Deagan Sturgel (Duck-Watercolor Crayon)
Excellent: Scarlet Fitzpatrick (Fish- Crayon & Watercolor)
Good­: Andrew Anderson (Rocket-Oil Pastel)
Honorable Mention: Liam Gallagher (Flower- Oil Pastel)

1st Grade: 
Superior: Leah Bonecutter (Landscape- Crayon & Watercolor)
Excellent: Memphis Vrana (Joy- Watercolor Crayon)
Good­: Brooke Matthias (Mondrian-Tempera Paint)
Honorable Mention: River Roberts (Koi Fish- Crayon & Watercolor)

2nd Grade:
Superior: Aunika Osswald (Dancing Buildings- Crayon & Watercolor)  
Excellent: Julian Zavaletta (Poppies-Tempera & watercolor)  
Good­: Aria Gallagher (Jellyfish- Tempera & Dry Pastel)
Honorable Mention: Sydney Anderson (Frog-Tempera Paint)            

3rd-5th Grade BEST IN SHOWElena Prescott (3rd Grade Cupcakes-Oil Pastel)

3rd Grade:     
Superior: Malori Massa (Peacock- Crayon & Watercolor)
Excellent: Kyan Mwalwanda (Iris- Crayon & Watercolor)
Good­: Brigham Vrana (Owl-Oil Pastel)
Honorable Mention: Cash Burch (Peacock- Crayon & Watercolor)          

4th Grade:      
Superior: Dyllann Reed (Giraffe-Tempera Paint)
Excellent: Faith MacLeod (Sunflowers- Watercolor)   
Good­: Aubrey Nunez (Lollipops-Oil Pastel)  
Honorable Mention: Sarah Fitzpatrick (Lollipops-Oil Pastel)         

5th Grade:   
Superior: Sofia Arrieta (Tiger- Scratch Art)  
Excellent: Mackenzie Franks (Parrot-Watercolor)   
Good­: Kirsten Kost (Dog- Scratch Art)
Honorable Mention: Theo Bozadzis (Bear-Scratch Art)          

Middle School 6th-8th Grade BEST IN SHOW: Zerui Gao (Hermione-Stippling)

MS Painting:    
Superior: Jack Bozadzis (Barn-Watercolor)
Excellent: Nina Hong (Barn-Watercolor)
Good­: Amber Adams (Barn-Watercolor)    
Honorable Mention: Lukas Spratt (Barn-Watercolor)                                                           

MS Drawing: Color   
Superior: Lukas Spratt (Shoe- Colored Pencil & Graphite)
Excellent: Nina Hong (Name Creature- Colored Pencil) 
Good­: Amber Adams (Shoe- Colored Pencil & Graphite)
Honorable Mention: Wyatt Asklund (Shoe- Colored Pencil & Graphite)                         

MS Drawing: B/W      
Superior: Chloe Christian (Still Life-Charcoal)  
Excellent: Caleb Bartlett (Deer-Stippling)     
Good­: Zerui Gao (Still Life-Charcoal)  
Honorable Mention: Riley Watkins (Still Life-Charcoal)    

MS Mixed Media: 
Superior: Aria Zavaletta (Talavera-Metal & Marker)
Excellent: Kayla Riccio (Bird-Colored Pencil & Watercolor) 
Good­: Riley Watkins (Violin-Oil Pastel & Collage)  
Honorable Mention: Aria Zavaletta (Bird-Colored Pencil & Watercolor)                      

High School 9th-12th Grade BEST IN SHOW: Natalia Bozadzis (Bird- Scratch Art)

HS Drawing-Color:  
Superior: Chase Bouloy (Desert- Dry Pastels)    
Excellent: Avery Zuniga (Coke Bottle Middle-Dry Pastels)    
Good­: Kaylee Taylor (Alaska Coast- Dry Pastels)  
Honorable Mention: Avery Zuniga (Coke Bottle Top-Colored Pencil)                  

HS Drawing-B/W:    
Superior: Virginia Liu (Baby- Charcoal)   
Excellent: Frank Song (Koala-Scratch Art) 
Good­: Makenna Wilson (Fox-Scratch Art)
Honorable Mention: Madison Bartz (Cupcake-Scratch Art)                                                   

HS Painting:    
Superior: Chase Jordan (Yosemite-Acrylic)  
Excellent: Chase Bouloy (Palm Trees- Watercolor)
Good­: Tassos Bozadzis (Dragon-Watercolor)
Honorable Mention: Chase Jordan (Sunset Mountains-Watercolor)                                             

HS Mixed. Media:    
Superior: Natalia Bozadzis (Metal & Markers)
Excellent: Christina Lee (Metal & Markers)
Good­: Genevieve Wheeler (Metal & Markers)
Honorable Mention: Makenna Wilson (Metal & Markers)          

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