The extracurricular programs offered at Summit Christian Academy help students get involved in new activities with new people and offer further ways to challenge, empower, and expand the depth of their educational experience. Outside of the classroom, find your passion and pursue it to the fullest.

Through National Honor Society, Robotics club, and Chess club, students are able to get involved, which further assists them in creating a more robust academic resume.

Participating in extracurricular activities helps with college and job applications, and shows admissions officers and employers that Summit students are well-rounded and responsible.  

Art enrichment classes are provided by Mrs. East after school for first through sixth grade students. Students explore a variety of styles and movements in art and participate in exciting hands-on art-making experiences including drawings, paintings, sculptures, mosaics, and mixed media collages.

There are new projects for the fall and spring sessions. Students will complete at least three projects during a nine-week session and will use a variety of art mediums, including but not limited to: paints, oil pastels, dry pastes, paper, Sculpey clay, found objects, and a whole host of collage materials.

Please email Michelle East for session dates, cost, and to register.

The Summit Christian Academy Theater program is a flourishing and integral part of the Academy’s fine arts department.  It has continued to grow each year in both numbers and in respect among the community for its dedication to excellence and high level of performance. Students may enroll in theater arts classes beginning in sixth grade.  Intermediate school level classes are designed to teach the  students basic acting skills through various forms of learning.  These basic techniques include learning to use one’s imagination, developing vocal skills, stage and theater terminology, improvisation, scene work, and many others.

At the high school level, students have the oportunity to take what was learned in the intermediate school classes and build on the skills through advanced workshops on auditioning as well as character building and refining.  In the fall, students will participate in the TAPPS One Act Play competition against other students and schools across the state.  In the spring, students will have the opportunity to compete in the TAPPS Solo and Duet Scene competitions.  Finally, we have a spring production every year which allows our students a chance to put on a big show for the community.  Our productions include musicals, melodramas, modern, and classic plays in an effort to give students a wide array of technical training.  Our goal for each of these opportunities is so that each student will be ready and confident if they choose to continue on and do theater arts beyond high school.

We are proud at Summit to be able to offer multiple opportunities for our students to experience and grow their artistic gifts and enjoy the creative nature of God.

Summit Christian Academy has a variety of clubs throughout the year, depending on interest and students. 

Chess Club is a great social activity. Club members will have the opportunity to meet new friends, while enjoying a competitive sport which everyone can enjoy. The Summit chess club offers an opportunity for new and experienced players to enjoy the fellowship of playing chess in a friendly environment with their classmates at Summit.

In addition, we have Coding Club.  This club provides the opportunity to all age students to learn more about computer coding or expand on what they are learning in class.  Our volunteers are skilled and work in the Software Development world.  

The Eagle chapter of the National Honor Society/National Junior Honor Society selects for membership students in grades 8-12 who excel in the following areas: scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

Students must have a cumulative average of 90 or above and an exemplary behavior record to be invited to apply. There is an induction each year in April, at which students are formally inducted into the societies.

Members participate in service projects during each school year in addition to providing leadership to the student body in many areas. It is truly an honor to be accepted for membership.

If you have any questions, please email Cindy Bibee.

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