Escape room

Our Bible Teacher, Mr. Calcote created an Escape Room for his Junior & Senior Bible Classes.

The Escape Room Project was an attempt to allow students to design a tailor-made room according to their selected theme and difficulty level that requires people to complete a series of puzzles, riddles and tasks to escape the room in a given period of time.  The project was an assessment of their understanding of the Naturalist worldview, which believes that nature is all there is and that the way to discover knowledge is through reason and science.  Students were required to incorporate the various traditional (physics, chemistry, math) and social (sociology, psychology, problem-solving, critical-thinking, logic) sciences in the design of each clue of their room.  Each class then had the opportunity to select some of their best rooms for another class to try and escape, providing an opportunity to both create a room and to try to escape a room created by their peers.