Engineering Class visits ERCOT

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On Thursday March 7, our engineering students went to ERCOT, the Electrical Reliability Council of Texas, in Taylor. ERCOT manages the electrical grid in Texas from their Taylor campus. Students learned about some of the challenges engineers face in maintaining a reliable supply of electricity to meet the demands of customers throughout the state. Advantages of various renewable and non-renewable sources were discussed, as were different scenarios that could threaten electrical supply.

A highlight for students was an exercise where they used tools ERCOT uses to bring the grid back from a simulated black out. ERCOT experts gave one-on-one attention to students as they learned the process and the software. Students also participated in a round table with engineers who talked about their career paths. They advised students to take advantage of as many professional experiences as possible, including internships and class choices, in order gain more insight on where God may be leading them for their careers (though they didn’t say it in those terms). Thank you, Mr. Landers, for making this great experience happen for our students!

ERCOT Control Room