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Pop Quiz!!!!!

  1. Are you concerned about fulfilling the Great Commission?
  2. Would you find it difficult to learn a new language and move to another country?
  3. On November 28th do you expect to have an obscene amount of food on your dinner table?
  4. Would you be able to add two more plates to your Thanksgiving Table?

6,800 students from all over the world are studying in Austin.  Many of them come from situations in which it would be difficult at best to engage them with the Gospel. Many will return to positions of influence and even major leadership in their homeland.  Most want to learn about American life and to make an American friend. Surveys suggest 2/3 will never set foot in an American home (other than what they might see watching sit-coms … which becomes their understanding of an American home).

Would you be willing to invite 2 (or more) international students to share in your Thanksgiving celebration … and risk that they might end up becoming life-long friends?  You would be assigned 2 (or more) students. You would pick them up at their apartment near the UT campus (unless they have a car). Whenever your Thanksgiving is over, you would take them back (this could be 6PM or midnight … or longer … depending on you and your guests)   You should “Do Thanksgiving” just the way you would anyway … explaining to the students why Americans celebrate Thanksgiving and in particular your family traditions.   

Your primary goal for the day would be to build a foundational relationship of friendship.  As a natural by-product your family will be blessed and your children’s horizons widened. For those that sign up, I will provide you with suggestions to assuage your fears and help you to prepare to have a wonderful time with your special guests.   

To register to host a student click here.

If you would like more information, please contact: Dennis Rigstad   512.761.4360   or 609.670.6016