Academic Philosophy

Academic Philosophy

Academic Philosophy

Summit Christian Academy believes that education begins with the discovery of God‘s absolute truth; all other learning flows from this discovery. Without knowledge of God‘s sovereign plan for mankind, it is impossible to appreciate fully God‘s creation, order, attributes, and immutable laws.

Summit Is Committed To Providing Academic Excellence

Rigorous: To Challenge, To Compete, To Awaken the Mind, To Guide

The academic and spiritual setting of Summit is one of discipleship-style learning. One can characterize this type of school as one providing quality Christian teaching. A primary emphasis is to share the message of salvation with students who do not know Christ and to disciple all students to have a deeper walk with Christ. 

Safe and Nurturing: To Learn, To Grow, To Question, To Succeed

SCA also strives to provide a nurturing and safe environment where students are accepted, loved, and valued. Summit desires the complete development of each student – spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially. Summit‘s goals are to challenge and motivate each student to realize his/her God-given potential and to establish a life-long love of learning.

Partnership Driven: To Agree, To Communicate, To Encourage, To Embrace

Realizing that teachers and staff set the tone for a school, Summit will employ only those educators who can articulate their testimony of salvation through Jesus Christ and who consistently demonstrate a Christian lifestyle. The teachers and staff will communicate spiritual absolutes based on the Summit Statement of Faith. SCA will challenge the teachers and staff to use their own gifts and talents and to model life-long learning by growing professionally and spiritually.