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Last night’s Annual SCA Art Festival and Family Art Night was a huge success & we are SO proud of ALL the students! Please congratulate to them on their beautiful artwork! Thank you to all the volunteers for all their hard work that helped make the Art Festival a success! Listed below is a list of the festival winners.

Third through 12th grade students who received 1st-3rd Places and Best of Show will advance on to the ACSI District Competition on April 15-16th. Mrs. East will be getting more information to the winner’s families about this very soon.

Summit Christian Academy 2018-19

Art festival Winners

Kindergarten:         Superior: Brea Smith (Giraffe)

                                    Excellent: Brianna Fenton (Blue Dinosaur)

                                    Good­: Easton Prescott (Fish)

                                    Honorable Mention: Riley George (Flower)

1st Grade:                Superior: Serenity Provencio (Fish)

                                    Excellent: Lily Fusco (Landscape)

                                    Good­: Sophia McCarthy (Cat)

                                    Honorable Mention: Julian Zavaletta (Fish)

2nd Grade:               Superior: Robbie Rader (Jellyfish)

                                    Excellent: Isaiah Santos (Flowers)

                                    Good­: Tristan Godfrey (Houses)

                                    Honorable Mention: Ellese Robinson (Flowers)

KINDER-2nd Grade BEST IN SHOW: Tandy Davis 1st Grade (Houses)

3rd Grade:               Superior: Brooke Modleski (Guitar)

                                    Excellent: Eli Prewitt (Cherry Blossoms)

                                    Good­: Aubrey Nunez (Peacock)

                                    Honorable Mention: Jocelyn Fenton (Iris)

4th Grade:                 Superior: Coen May (Giraffe)

                                    Excellent: Sofia Arrieta (Sumi-e Cat)

                                    Good­: Mackenzie Franks (Sumi-e Panda)

                                    Honorable Mention: Nixon Sanders (Sumi-e Cat)

5th Grade:                Superior: Peter Torres (Parrot)

                                    Excellent: Aria Zavaletta (Iguana)

                                    Good­: Michelle Lin (Iguana)

                                    Honorable Mention: Tally Lambert (Parrot)

3rd-5th Grade BEST IN SHOW: Mina Yoo 5th Grade- Pagoda

MS Painting:                                   Superior: Chloe Christian 6th Gr (Cactus)

                                                            Excellent: David Parr 8th Gr (Mountains)

Good­: Gavin Homburg 8th Gr (Geometric)

                                                            Honorable Mention: Zerui Gao 7th Gr (Flowers)

MS Drawing: Color                        Superior: Chloe Christian 6th Gr (Geometric)

                                                            Excellent: Tess Adams 8th Gr (Violin)                                                                                                               

Good­: Ava Walter 7th Gr (Perspective)

                                                            Honorable Mention: Hope Hubbard 7th Gr (Perspective)

MS Drawing: B/W                         Superior: Zerui Gao 7th Gr (Girl)

                                                            Excellent: Peyton Gormley 7th Gr (Dog)                                                                                                         

Good­: Wyatt Asklund 6th Gr (Snake)

                                                            Honorable Mention: Ava Walter 7th Gr (Cat)

MS Printmaking & Mixed Media: Superior: Madison Franks 7th Gr (Cupcakes Print)

                                                            Excellent: Carolina Arrieta 8th Gr (Paper Sculpture)                                                                                    

Good­: Frank Son 8th Gr (Paper Sculpture)

                                                            Honorable Mention: Samantha Kleinmeyer 6th Gr (Parrot Print)

Middle School 6th-8th Grade BEST IN SHOW: Peyton Gormley 7th Gr (Owl)

HS Drawing-Color:                        Superior: Megan Marotz 12th Gr (Dog)

                                                            Excellent: Thuy Vy Tran 12th Gr (Sister)                                                                                                          

HS Drawing-B/W:                          Superior: Jing Yi Liu 11th Gr (Scratch Art- Village)

                                                            Excellent: Madison Bartz 9th Gr (Portrait-Girl)                                                                                             

Good­: Chase Jordan 10th Gr (Portrait-Man)

                                                            Honorable Mention: Thuy Vy Tran 12th Gr (Scratch Art-Lion)

HS Painting:                                    Superior: Kira McPherson 12th Gr (Bridge)

                                                            Excellent: Megan Marotz 12th Gr (Toy Soldier)                                                                                            

Good­: Chase Jordan 10th Gr (Parrot)

                                                            Honorable Mention: Jing Yi Liu 11th Gr (Portrait-Girl)

HS Misc. Media:                            Superior: Tassos Bozadzis 10th Gr (Collage)                                                                                                   

Excellent: Natalia Bozadzis 9th Gr (Paper Sculpture)                                                                                   

Good­: Larry Xiang 10th Gr (Collage)

                                                            Honorable Mention: Larry Xiang 11th Gr (Collage)

High School 9th-12th Grade BEST IN SHOW: Kira McPherson 12th Gr (St. Augustine)